New Asteroids to Review on Comet Hunters

We’ve recently  uploaded brand new images on both the HSC workflow and the Archival Workflow.

The Archival images are still from Suprime-Cam and  continuing to move backward in time. These observations will help us understand the true frequency of main-belt comets. Any good candidates we’ll follow-up when the asteroids return to the same spot in their orbit as when the observation was taken to see if the activity repeats.

We’ve now uploaded June HSC observations on to the HSC workflow. These images are  hot off the telescope, giving us a chance to follow-up these asteroids now if they are active.

Both sets of  images are of brand new asteroids never viewed before on the site with  new chances to discover a  main-belt comet. You might be the first person to know a new comet is lurking in our Solar System’s asteroid belt. Search for main-belt comets today at!

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