Ask the Comet Hunters Team About Asteroids on Asteroid Day

Today is Asteroid Day focusing on awareness of Near-Earth asteroids and promoting discussion about how to identify potential asteroid impacts and prevent them. You can learn more about the Asteroid Day and how it started here. On Comet Hunters, we ask for your help to identify main-belt comets (asteroids behaving like comets), so we decided to spend today answering your questions about asteroids, asteroid impacts, main-belt comets, and anything related to Comet Hunters.

We’ve created a thread on Zooniverse Talk where you can post your burning questions, and we’ll be stopping by throughout the day to reply. See you Zooniverse Talk!

Oh, and if you get a chance, mark asteroid day by also classifying a few asteroid images at

2 responses to “Ask the Comet Hunters Team About Asteroids on Asteroid Day”

  1. Bill Collins says :

    Ms Meg Are my classifications helping ? I found a few candidates that have “tails” Just curious Do not have a twitter account but if you could email me Happy Fourth Bill


    • Meg says :

      Hi Bill,

      Yes your classifications are helping. I can’t tell you how well you’re doing because we don’t know the answer. We’re looking for new main-belt comets and they’re rare, so I don’t know the answer for most of the data whether there is a tail or not until we combine the results of many volunteers. So don’t worry too much, and use your best guess. Thanks for your help.




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