Dome Opening

I found this online today, and thought I’d share. The engineers for Hyper Suprime-Cam on the Subaru Telescope put together a video of the Subaru dome opening during twilight, You can find the original video here on a blog about the commissioning of Hyper Suprime-Cam, Subaru’s newest wide-field camera (Note:  the blog is in written in Japanese).

When you’re observing you don’t often get this view as sunset is one of the busiest times when you’re an astronomer getting ready for the start of your night (likely of one or a handful that semester) on the telescope. The data you currently review on Comet Hunters is the public archival data from Subaru’s Suprime-Cam. Each of those nights when the weather was good, something like below happened as the observatory prepared to start the nightly calibrations.

Video credit: Yousuke Utsumi

2 responses to “Dome Opening”

  1. Yousuke Utsumi says :

    Thank you for picking up this movie. Anyway, I uploaded this movie, and I am an astronomer belonging to the HSC builder.


    • Meg says :

      Thanks for your comment. I’ve updated the blog to give you credit for the movie. Thanks for uploading it to youtube.


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